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Laboratory of Thermophysical Properties & Environmental Processes of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has created the first Ubuntu Repository in Thessaloniki, in cooperation with the Computational Systems & Software Engineering Lab of University of Macedonia, boosting your Download's performance. The server is running for 2 years and is available in the Repository selection of your prefered package downloader. Moreover, you can add the mirror in your /etc/apt/sources.list and replace the existing sources with these:

deb http://ubuntu.cheng.auth.gr/ubuntu/ <version> main
deb-src http://ubuntu.cheng.auth.gr/ubuntu/ <version> main

'My Ubuntu setup is faster than a PC and prettier than a Mac...' The Times

What is an operating system?

An operating system is what makes your computer work, running all your programs and managing your hardware. Other examples include Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Why use Ubuntu?

How does it compare to my system?

With Ubuntu, you can do all the things you can do with other operating systems. But with Ubuntu you can do them faster, more securely and, of course, for free.

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How can it be free?

Ubuntu is free and it always will be. That’s because it’s the work of open-source software experts from all over the world — people who believe software should be free.

Why is it free?

Reasons to love Ubuntu

  • Thousands of free apps

  • ubuntuforyou-only-protection

    Built-in security

  • ubuntuforyou-only-musicstore

    Ubuntu One Music Store

  • ubuntuforyou-only-upgrades

    Free upgrades for life